The Girl Can Do
Breed: AQHA Quarter Horse
Date Foaled: , 2005
Gender: Filly
Current Height: 14.3
Weight: 950 pounds
Color: Sorrel
Registered: Yes
Reg. Assn: AQHA
Reg. Number:
Asking Price: $2,200 (US)
Champion WSCA Longe Line and Halter Futurity

Champion MN Masters Longe Line Futurity

Reserve Champion MQHA Open Longe Line Futurity

Reserve Champion Dixie Nationals Open Two Year
Old Longe Line

Open Performance ROM

5 Open All Around Awards

5 Open Reserve All Around Awards

Points in Halter, Western Pleasure and Trail

Career Earnings over $5000
1998 World Champion
Jr. Western Pleasure!

Superior Western Pleasure

1998 All American Quarter Horse
Congress Reserve Champion Jr.
Western Pleasure.
Sire:Zippo Pine Bar
Dam: A Girl Named Jones
                                                               ZIPPO PAT BARS
                                      ZIPPO PINE BAR
                                                                                 DOLLIE PINE
                                                                                 JASPER JONES
                                     A GIRL NAMED JONES
                                                                                 REBEL'S JAN


                                                                                 TE TWO EYED
                                     SIR TWO EYED
                                                                                 MISS DYNA GAIN
                                                                                 DAN'S CROSS
                                     DANS LITTLE LADY
                                                                                 LEO'S LADY 81

Stallion Show Record for Zippo Can Do
World Champion, '98 O Jr. WP
Superior Performance, '98 O WP
NSBA money-earner
World Show Qualifier, '99 O Jr WP
ROM Performance, '97 O

Total Points Earned: 70.5; Perf Points: 70.5; Perf Events: WP;

NSBA Earnings: $16,542;

Stallion Offspring Record for Zippo Can Do
World Champion Offspring, APHA O WR
Top Ten World Show Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA & APHA
ROM Halter Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring, AQHA & APHA
NSBA Money-earners

AQHA Offspring Record for Zippo Can Do
Total Points Earned: 668.5; Reg Foals: 227; Number Shown: 72; Point
Earners: 37; AQHA IF: $10,289;

Halter Points Earned: 71.5; Halter Point Earners: 15; Halter ROMS: 3;

Performance Points Earned: 597; Performance Point Earners: 55;
Performance ROMS: 17; Superior Performance Awards: 2;

Total Superior Awards: 2; Total ROM's: 20;

Equi-Stat Offspr WP LTE: $39,753
Number of WP Fut Offspr: 18
Avg Offspr WP LTE: $2,208

Equi-Stat Offspr Total Pleasure LTE: $41,147
Number of Pleasure Fut Offspr: 22
Avg Offspr Pleasure Earnings: $1,870

Equi-Stat 2007 Pleasure Offspring Earnings: $3,654
Number of 2007 Pleasure Offspr: 5
Avg 2007 Pleasure Offspr Earnings: $731

AQHA Offspr NSBA LTE: $15,160

APHA Offspring Record for Zippo Can Do
Total Points Earned: 1,568; Reg APHA Foals: 29; Number Shown: 11; Point
Earners: 10;

Performance Points Earned: 1,568; Performance Point Earners: 10;
Performance ROMS: 22; Superior Performance Awards: 8;

Total Superior Awards: 8; Total ROM's: 22; World Championships: 1;

Other Information for Zippo Can Do
Tulsa Summer Holiday - Champion 3-Yr-Old O SB Futurity, Circuit Champion
Jr. WP
Southern Belle - Champion 3-Yr-Old Novice Horse, Res 3-Yr-Old O SB
Heartbeat of America - Champion 3-Yr-Old O SB Futurity, Champion 3-4 Yr
Old Breeders Futurity
Nebraska Silver Classic - Res. 3-4 Yr-Old O SB Futurity
Heart of Texas-Champion 3-Yr-Old SB Futurity

Congress - Tied 2-3rd 3-Yr-Old O SB Derby
'97 Res. NSBA High Point O 3-Yr-Old WP Horse (only shown NSBA 6 times)
Qualified for '98 World Show in Jr. WP
'98 Sun Country Circuit Champion Jr. WP

Presented by: Cleve Wells.

Zippo's dam, A Girl Named Jones, has produced 1 Superior HLT, and 2
Superior performance horses.

Can Do is nominated for the MN paint Horse Assoc. SSA, MN QH SSA, and IA
QH SSA in 2006.

Outstanding Offspring for Zippo Can Do
A Jag Will Do, 1.5 HLT Pts, 1 Perf Pt; 6.5 Nov Y Pts.
Bugaboo Can Do, 73.5 Perf Pts; 12 Nov AMT Pts; O & AMT Perf ROMS; '06 &
'07 World Show Qualifier O Sr HUS
Can Do Colour (APHA), 117 APHA Perf Pts; APHA O LL ROM & WP Perf
Can Do Invite, 3 Perf Pts.
Can Do Money, 5.5 Perf Pts, 2 Nov AMT Pts.
Can Do The Bar, 78.5 Perf Pts; '04 Quarter Horse Congress Reserve
Champion - 12-14 Y WP shown by Tate Oakley, O & Y Perf ROMS; Y
Superior WP; '05 7th World Show Y WP
Catchin A Few ZS, 2.5 Perf Pts; 4.5 Nov AMT Pts.
Cherry Can Do, 1 HLT Pt.
Chocolate Survivor, 3.5 Perf Pts; 19.5 Nov AMT Pts; '06 6th Regional
Experience HUS, 8th Regional Experience HSE
Doin Double Time (APHA), 24 APHA Perf Pts, APHA AMT HUS ROM
He Can Do Too, 28 HLT & 125 Perf Pts; NSBA LTE: $3,438.58; O & AMT HLT
ROMS; O & 2 AMT Perf ROMS; '05 AMT Superior WP
Heza Tru Cantender, 19 HLT & 30.5 Perf Pts; O Perf ROM, AMT HLT ROM;
'06 5th Regional Experience AMT Aged HLT Gelding
Just Do The Zip, 4 HLT, 15.5 Perf Pt, '06 8th Regional Experience O Sr WP
Leaguers Can Zip, 5.5 HLT, 12.5 Perf & .5 Nov AMT Pts, Y Perf ROM
Potential To Do It, 2 Perf Pts.
Presented By Zip (APHA), 40 APHA Perf Pts; AMT WP ROM
Pretty Can Do, 1.5 Perf Pts.
Satin Can Do (APHA), 108 APHA Perf Pts; Superior AMT WP; O & AMT WP
Saucey Zip, 4 Perf Pts, NSBA LTE: $97.50
Scotch Can Too, 5.5 Perf Pts; NSBA LTE: $65.94
Scotch With A Zip (APHA), 325 APHA Perf Pts; APHA O & AMT Superior WP;
See What I Can Do, 3 Nov AMT & 3 Nov Y Pts; 27 APHA Perf Pts; APHA AMT
Perf ROM
Shezan Impulsive Zip, 23.5 Perf Pts; NSBA LTE: $3,863.56; '04 Scottsdale
Classic - Reserve Champion 2-Yr-Old WP - Limited, shown by Tonya Brown;
The Irish Can Do, 44.5 Perf Pts; O, AMT, & Y Perf ROM
The Will To Do (AQHA & APHA), 2 AQHA Perf Pts; 704 APHA Perf Pts; '04
APHA World Champion Jr WR; APHA Superior in: O WR, WP & TR, '03 Top
10 National Standing in APHA WR, HH, & WP
This Girl Can To, 1 Perf Pt.
This I Can Do, 4 Perf Pts; 12.5 Nov AMT Pts.
This Miss Can Do, .5 Perf Pt.
Took A Chance On Me, 7.5 Nov AMT Pts.
Viva La Zip, 1.5 Perf Pts; 5 Nov AMT Pts.
Wee Chips Can Do, 27.5 Perf Pts, NSBA LTE: $6.969.67, O & AMT Perf
Zip Beaus Impress, 3.5 Perf Pts; 48 Nov AMT Pts.
Zip Can Gleam, 3.5 Perf Pt; 11 Nov AMT Pts; 53 Nov Y Pts.
Zipped On Scotch (APHA), 131 APHA Perf Pts, APHA O & AMT Superior WP,
Zippo Can Do Time, 2.5 Perf Pts.
Zippo Can Shine, 5 PHBA Perf Pts.
Zippo Can Too (APHA), 26 APHA Perf Pts; O WP ROM
Zippo Silverado, .5 HLT Pt.
Zippos Chad Can Do (APHA), 66 APHA Perf Pts; O & AMT WP ROM
Zippos Kat Man Do, 9.5 HLT, 90.5 Perf Pts & 56 Nov AMT Pts; O & AMT Perf
ROMS; '07 7th World Show AMT HLT
Zippos Lady Can Do, 10 Perf Pts.

1875326; 1982; Bay; (Te Two Eyed x Miss Dyan

Stallion Offspring Record for Sir Two Eyed
Superior Performance Offspring
ROM Halter Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring

Stallion Specialties: Western Pleasure, All Around,
English Performance, Halter