Sales Contract of NP QUARTER HORSES

Nancy Porter
352 lane 7 1/2
Powell, WY  82435

This Agreement is made between (Seller) Nancy Porter, and (Purchaser) _______________________________,for
the said horse/horses described below:
Name: _____________________________________Age: _________________ Sex:__________________Breed:
Color/Markings: _____________________________Height: ________________
Reg./Tattoo No.: _____________________________

1. Price: Seller agrees to sell and Purchaser agrees to buy the above described horse for the total sum of
____________________________dollars ($___________), based on the following terms.

2. Sale Proceeds: Must be Cash, or US Postal Money Order and must clear Sellers bank, before horse is released
and original registration papers and a signed transfer will be provided to the Purchaser at this time. All sales are final
and horse/horses are sold as is with no guarantee of soundness even though all horses are sound of hoof and no
known medical problems unless disclosed by seller. Buyer may at their expense have a pre-purchase exam on the
said horse before the sale by a certified veterinarian, with results of tests going to both seller and buyer. Pre-
purchase exam is null and void AFTER the sale or after the deposit has been paid.

3. Reserving/Holding a Horse/Horses: A Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) Deposit is required to hold a horse for a
prospective Purchaser for up to a maximum of two (2) weeks. Periods in excess of two (2) weeks, 14 days, may be
granted on an individual basis and the conditions will be confirmed in writing and mailed (E-Mail and Certified Mail,) or
as described on this agreement below. Nancy Porter, DBA: NP QUARTER HORSES, also reserves the right to sell the
same horse (s)/ to another buyer during this "holding" period and agrees to return the deposit in full if this occurs
within two weeks of the actual date of the Non-purchaser. Non- Purchaser will be notified by (phone, or, email, or
certified mail that they have lost the sale and the horse has been sold to another party with up-front monies. Any and
all deposits will be returned upon sale to first party if another party buys same horse. If Purchaser defaults on any of
paragraph (#3) then the Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) deposit will be forfeited and non-refundable.

Described agreement that exceeds two (2) weeks holding only:
$ 8.00 per day horse care will be charged on all sales with holding a horse more than 14 days.
________buyer initials for page

4. Vet Checks: May be performed at the expense of the Purchaser if desired, also purchaser may contact seller
veterinarian for information on the described horse/horses above.

Arrangement for Vet Check, ____________________________________________________________
Seller Int. _______________ ___ Purchaser Int._______________________

5. Transfer of Ownership: Seller shall transfer all ownership and registration papers to Purchaser once payment has
been received in full / or if said described horse/horses is a weanling and seller has not received the registrations
papers back from organization at the time of sale, then Seller guarantees to forward and sign all transfer papers and
original registrations papers to purchaser as soon as Seller receives them, and be mailed to purchaser by certified

6. Buyers Responsibility:
(A) Buyer assumes full responsibility for horse/horses upon tender of proceeds for acquiring the horse/horses.
(B) Arranging and paying for transportation of horse/horses to their home and etc. In a very timely manner.
(C) Horse/horses must be removed from Sellers place the day sale is completed unless other arrangements have
been made in writing on this contract.

7. Warranties: Seller guarantees that he/she is the owner of the horse/horses and that he/she has the right to sell
said horse/horses and he/she will defend the horse/horses against any and all lawful claims and demands made by all
persons. Seller makes no other guarantee, express or implied, including warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

Payments If Horse/Foal is bought on payments, A down payment of______________ and a payment thereafter
of _________ will be made monthly for up to __________________ , with a balance being owed at
________________________If payment is late, buyer must contact and make satisfactory arrangements or Contract
will be void forfeiting all moneys and said Horse/Foal will be returned to NP QUARTER HORSES at the Buyers
expense. In special instances and within a reasonable driving distance I will sometimes let a Horse/Foal leave my
property while payments are made, The following applies.  If death or health/lamness should result to said Horse/Foal
while in buyers care , contract will remain valid .

Buyer shall properly feed and care for Horse/Foal in a customary manner and shall provide such Veterinary and
medical care as deems appropriate while under contract.

Buyer will provide insurance for full value of said Horse/Foal till said horse is paid in full.

9. Breach: This Agreement is terminated upon a breach of any material term and the wronged party has the right to
collect all reasonable fees and cost from the breaching party. By signing below both parties agree in full to this
agreement and the Laws of the STATE of WYOMING shall govern this Agreement.
Seller Signature & Date: _______________________________________________
Purchaser Signature & Date: ____________________________________________

10. Laws: The laws of the State of Wyoming shall govern this Agreement. Any and all actions by Seller Or Purchaser,
will be filed in the State of Wyoming and in Park County, Powell, Wyoming

11. Entire Agreement: This Contract constitutes the entire agreement (Pages 1 thru 2) between the Seller and
Purchaser, hereto and may not be modified. All pages will have Seller’s and Purchaser Signature and date.

In Witness Thereof, the parties hereto have signed and sealed this Agreement as of The ___________Day of
_______________(Month), 20____.



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