English Bulldog is perhaps the most distinct and recognizable breed in the canine          
world. Those cute wrinkles, that adorable little 'sourmug'. It's no wonder the bulldog is
one of the most photographed dogs in the world. But the appeal of the English Bulldog
goes far beyond it's amusing appearance. He is a most lovable, loyal and family
oriented companion with a desire for lots of love and attention in return. Bulldogs are
most at home relaxing on the couch or recliner next to (or in the lap of) his owner or
surrounded by his family. Although English Bulldogs can be a bit of a couch potato they
very much enjoy and look forward to playtime. And while Bulldogs are not the most
athletic of the dog breeds he may surprise you with an occasional, unexpected feat of
athleticism. English Bulldogs tend to be a little aloof or disinterested with other dogs but
crave the attention and approval of their owner and family. On most occasions a Bulldog
would rather sit in the lap of his owner than join in the play of other dogs. Bulldogs are
wonderful with children. Their inherent tenacity has turned into a loving patience. The
placid and trustworthy Bulldog will often tolerate the poking and prodding antics of the
children in his human family with minimal annoyance. They often become the surrogate
babysitter of the family. English Bulldogs' strong will, legendary courage and incredibly
high pain threshold  make them rarely complain or whine. Bulldogs rarely bark without a
reason or occasionally at play. Bulldogs appearance alone can be enough to deter any
would be intruders. Yes, the Bulldog is basically a conglomeration of many different
desirable canine qualities rolled into one cute, lovable wrinkly package