Penny July 6, 2008
Spring 1976
Sam and Nancy in front of Grandpa
Wessel's  cabin Summer 1982
Winter 1982
Penny - August 2006
June 1981
I talked to a friend just the other day

who’s got lots of opinions and plenty
to say.

We discussed what we both like to
see in a horse

His requirements and mine were
different of course…

He likes a clean throatlatch and a
long skinny neck,

and prefers that their hocks are set
close to the deck.

Short backs and hard feet and clean
slopin’ shoulder,

and a gaskin that looks like it
swallered a boulder.

He likes a short face and a big ol’soft

and says these are the horses he’s
likely to buy.

And when he’d completed his
lengthy discourse,

on all of the attributes of the quality

He asked my opinion, and where do I

And I said that I….just want horses
with heart.

I said I want heart above all the other.

I don’t care if he’s Smart Little Lena’s
full brother.

Or just how much money that his
grandmother won,

or whether he’s roan, palomino or

But give me a horse with some grit
and some try,

and some heart and some guts and
that’s one that I’ll buy.

And I’ve found it’s the same with a
woman or man….

the good ones won’t quit you when
the shit hits the fan

by   Monte Baker
Here is where it all started.. Penny foaled Spring of 1976 she is half
Tennessee Walker and half race bred Quarter Horse and the most
wonderful horse I ever set my 14 yr old eyes on. From the first time I saw
her running in a pasture as a yearling at the Ranch of my Cousin Sam
and Phyllis Hampton till I saw her tied up to a fence as a two yr old, I knew
I just had to have her being a very determined 15 yr old wanting very
badly that proud and beautiful sorrel filly . As I was looking and studying
her while she was tied to that fence there was an old trapper fellow that
was helping that summer around the ranch and I kept bugging him with
questions, maybe cause I was a pain in the ass I don't know but I finally
asked "can I ride her" not knowing if she was even broke to ride, he
replied oh yea if you can get a bridle on her you can ride her. I should
have had my first clue when trying to bridle her she was pulling and
tossing her head like I was a crazy beast trying to eat her, by this time my
cousin Janna came to watch the show, I think I saw at some point a
twinkle in her eye and a grin on her face. I told her in just a minute we
can go for a ride. At some point the fire of my passion was safely in her
bridle, Janna said are you ready to ride, do you need a saddle? NO, I will
ride her bareback as I thought it's the only way to ride, been doing it for
years. Well given a leg up or maybe I crawled on the fence to get on that
squirrelly sorrel filly, it didn't take long and down I went, to the grins of the
others I can't remember who all else came along for the entertainment,
but true to my nature I gave them a show.  I mounted again and off we
went, maybe at this point my brain started kicking in and thinking
something don't seem right here but of course not wanting anyone to
know my feelings of unease I proudly rode trying for the lead. Janna said
lets go down here theres old bones down in this gully, the sorrel filly
didn't agree and sent me down by myself to see. Not knowing if I wanted
any more but with the teasing I got I mounted again using the steep side
of the hill. I am not sure but the look on Janna's face said good job or
maybe it was your flipping crazy. Somehow we did make it back to the
Ranch and I had to have this crazy filly who had consumed every inch of
my being, so I hunted down my Cousin Sam and the negotiating began to
my dismay I didn't get him convinced that day. So home I went to start on
my mother after weeks of no letting off she said I could call Sam. After
alot of persuasion Sam agreed to let me buy the sorrel filly, (Penny as I
had already named her) but he said you need to work for me next
Summer to pay for her. I gladly agreed and ended up working the next
one too and received my first pay check of 300.00, I felt like the richest
kid around. Those were the best two Summers I can remember growing
up. I learned about family and friends and how important they are, the joy
of a swimming hole on a hot Summer day, running a cat , fixing fence,
tearing fence down, irrigating, building good work ethic, being alone for
days on the mountain fixing and tearing down fence some more and
always with my girl Penny being there every step of the way.
I don't know how much longer she will be on this earth but the memories
of the last 30 yrs we have shared and when I walk out to the pasture to
give ol Pen a scratch, I still feel that deep love for her that started the
summer so many years ago.    
Thank you Sam for listening to the heart of a child.                     
                    With much Love Nancy  
Sam fixing fence July 1982
Penny Fall 1994
The bill of sale for Penny
Sam wrote to me in 1981
Quoted by Janna.. "And i remember Dad telling the story
of you hounding him for quite some time, over and over,
"Sam, I want that horse!"  he'd mimic you with your
fading southern drawl.  then laugh and brag on how you
got your way!"
Penny's colt Traveler Oct 26 2006
Penny at 32 and her buddy Smarty on May 05, 2008
Penny July 6, 2008
Penny July 6, 2008
VIDEO at 32 eating grain
Penny passed July 27, 2008 around 10:30 AM. I will deeply miss her
Summer 1982
Me 1988 on Smoke
My mother and myself  in Marretta
GA June 1974
My Grandmom
(center) and her
School teacher
friends around 1936
Riding my cousins horse
Papeno at the Ranch in
July 1979
Riding at the Ranch 1975
My sister Lisa (front), me (middle)
and my Mother Summer of 1966. I
was 1 3/4 yrs old
Riding at the Ranch on
naughty little Gypsy 1971
Me in Marretta, GA 1972