760 LANE 41
Brown Rice
FROZEN VEGETABLES: ( Peas, carrots, corn, green bean mix)
Cook rice as directed on package except do not add quite as much water
as called for. This way your rice will not be mushy. After the rice is
done cooking add it to the frozen vegetables. Do not cook the vegetables
they will loose nutrition if the are cooked.  Put into baggies or small
containers and
freeze the rest of the mixture that you will not be using in the next
few days.
This is great mixture for weaning babies. Don't forget to add fresh fruit
pieces also on the side.

Do NOT feed your bird chocolate, the seed from an apple or avocado these
are toxic to them. Also limit the salt intake. You will find out your
birds favorite foods by feeding them what you are eating. The more
people food that they eat the healthier and longer lives they will live.
Make sure they get a large variety of vegetables and fruits as this is
their primary diet in the wild.

Do not use products that have fluorocarbons such as air fresheners in
cans, hairspray, pam ect. Any products under pressure that are in cans
have fluorocarbons and these are very toxic to them. Do not use strong
cleaners such as oven cleaner, ammonia, and these types of cleaners. If
it smells strong to you it is probably toxic to your bird.
1 Blue and Gold Macaw pair DNA'ed (papers available)
and Microchiped. Age 13 to 15 years old. Male close
banded Hen not banded. Sat and fed for previous
owner VERY proven. I just received them June 8, 2008 as a
final payment on a horse I sold a lady. I no longer raise
birds and do not plan on doing so in the future. These are
very nice birds, I purchased a baby out of this pair a couple
of years ago, see pictures below
Jasper - pictures taken 2006
Pictures taken in a 20' wide x 8' long x 6' high cage,  June 13, 2008
Cage viewed on my
camera, macaw pair on
the far right