Bulldogs have been locked in my heart and have been a large part of my family
for the past 20 yrs. We don't just breed our Bulldogs we LOVE them like our
own children. Our goal in breeding is to improve the breed to achieve the
highest quality French Bulldog puppies. We breed from Champion Bulldog
bloodlines, we avoid inbreeding or close linebreeding to insure the best
health possible. Type is very important to us!  We work for wonderful
temperaments. We do temperament and health screening on each French
Bulldog puppy before it goes home. Our French Bulldog puppies are hand
raised and socialized for new homes: Our French Bulldog puppies are very
loved and we work very hard for our bully babies. Each Bulldog puppy is
extremely special to us and we prefer that our bulldog puppies go to very
loving pet homes. Please contact us for Bulldog puppy availability or with
French Bulldog questions. The deposit to reserve one of our French Bulldog
pups is $500.